Poodle Firsts: First Time at Groomers

Huxtable, Toy Parti Poodle, at about 3 months

Huxtable came to me pretty well groomed... his hair had been blown out and his was an adorable ball of fluff. My family loved it so much that I decided to stay with it... atleast through the winter. 

When deciding on which groomers I would use I researched and calculated a few things-- distance, price, reviews (mainly from yelp). My sister goes to a specific groomer at the Petsmart near her house and she loves it. I figured I'd try a groomer down the street that I often passed by in the car and could easily walk to.

"Mom, why are you taking photos of me... I'm still mad at you for leaving me by myself!!" I know that's what he was thinking because his head was down, lol, but I had to take photos before his cotton fluffiness went away. 

All in they did a great job! The only cons to some boutique groomers is that you often can't see your pet being groomed through a glass window, there's no waiting area, and it can be overpriced. Luckily the one near me has a ongoing bathing-special that's only about $5-$10 more than Petsmart and really worth it. 

Huxtable was a little upset with me for about 30 minutes after leaving the groomers... basically he wasn't affectionate. Which had me concerned, but he eventually warmed up. He didn't like that mommy left him, and I'm sure all the blow drying and combing and cutting didn't help, but he made it through. I knew after that I would need to groom him at home more so that going to the groomers wouldn't be so traumatic.


Note: I will admit I took him to the groomers a wee bit too early, but really it depends on who you're talking to. Some people say wait until they have their rabies shot before taking a puppy to the groomers, basically the same wait you would do for taking them to the dog park... basically 4 months. I jumped the gun and did it a month early, but it was Christmas Eve and he was going to meet all the family the next day. So I asked the groomer to take special care of him and he did.  

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