Poodles: Keep Calm and Parti On

I suddenly got the inspiration to create a "Keep Calm and Parti On" poodle poster/design. It came to me while creating the Parti Poodle Colors Guide. The phrase is both catchy and popular so with a word change and my own parti poodle design I was able to create a Keep Calm poster of my own. 

Background on the original Keep Calm and Carry On poster:
Keep Calm and Carry On was a poster produced by the Ministry of Information sector of United Kingdom's Government in 1939 during the beginning of the World War II / Second World War. It was intended to raise and strengthen the morale of the British public in the event of a Nazi invasion of Britain or general wartime disaster.

Keep Calm and Parti On:
Being that there has been some unjust and unnecessary controversy regarding parti poodles in the past 100 years, I figured it was not only a cute play on the original poster's meaning, but relevant as well. 

Though many of the old dog clubs, kennels, and groups are allowing Parti Poodles to compete in all events, namely conformation... there are a few who are still holding on to their, dare I say, archaically biased rules and remain stubborn. One might even say they remain pridefully steadfast in their voluntary ignorance to the history of the poodle breed. And to those people we must say-- Keep Calm and Parti On. The world isn't going to end if all clubs allow Parti Poodles to compete in conformation, in fact there will likely be more peace and unity in the poodle world. 

I've customized the posters to create one for every color Parti Poodle. These aren't just for parti poodle owners, but for all those who love poodles in general :)

You can purchase the posters -and- t-shirts for "Keep Calm and Parti On", HERE.

            Black Parti Poodle:                Chocolate/Brown Parti Poodle:

Silver Parti Poodle                                    Apricot Parti Poodle

Red Parti Poodle                                Blue Parti Poodle

Cream Parti Poodle

Two Bonus Colors:
Blue and Pink

Keep Calm and Poodle On
Keep Calm and Poodle On

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