Gone Hunting with My Poodle

Funny photo of a baby poodle next to a pair of old boots and a rifle / gun... While this poodle is as cute as a teddy bear, don't underestimate poodles in general... there are plenty of tough hunting poodles around, like here.

Poodle Unity: Poodle Colors, Miniature Style

Cute photo of miniature poodles in a variety of colors: Black, Parti, Apricot, Silver, & Phantom. Gotta love the poodle unity! :-)

photos: RDC-ad-202765 © ARCO / P Wegner

Modern Poodle Painting

Rick James (RJ), parti poodle... lol, gotta love that name :)

Here's a painting of a poodle named RJ by artist Chartan. This is a very lovely painting, I could easily see it the artsy decor of a penthouse, or even in vintage eclectic decor.


Poodles in the Forest

Parti poodles in the forest

Another great shot of Frtiz and Briggs, last time they were racing in the desert this time they're posing in the forest.... how awesome are these  adventurous standard poodles?! They were walking along the trail when their human spotted a cauliflower mushroom (on the tree stump).


Parti Action: Sand Racing Poodles

Parti poodles, Briggs and Fritz racing in the sand. 

Top: Briggs running in the desert; Bottom: Fritz on the Umpqua Dunes

Amazingly awesome photos of standard poodles Briggs & Fritz soaking up the sun, running in the wind, and just have a merry time as they explore the Umpqua Dunes of Oregon.  Now these are the type of photos you hang on the wall-- LOVE these shots.... easily some of THE best modern shots of poodles as they capture the loving energetic nature of these dogs. 

http://www.flickr.com/photos/rawdogs/5334072551/ (Run with the Poodles)

Famous Poodles in History: Sancho

Sancho, the French Poodle. "Para Mi Dueno" is written on the card in the dog's mouth which translates to "For My Master", and the battle is in the background. 

This is a photo of Sancho the poodle, painted/commissioned for Princess Charlotte of Wales as she became one of Sancho's greatest admirers. He was found during the Battle of Salamanca by the grave of its then former master, a French officer, who was killed in the war. When found he was nearly exhausted and starved to death and was rescued by Marquis /  Marquess of Worcester (Lord Worcester, Henry Somerset, 7th Duke of Beaufort). Sancho became his loyal pet, and was admired by many including princesses. 

Sancho was also later painted with the Duke walking in Hyde Park. Hyde Park is one of the largest parks in central London, United Kingdom, and is one of the Royal Parks of London.

It seems as if Sancho was a very dark chocolate (almost black) and white poodle that may have lightened to chocolate with age, which is common... or the artist may have simply chose to not darken the brown.

Parti Poodle Toddler

I stumbled across this photo and it reminded me of one those classic baby/toddler photos parents get of their kids when they're like two or four years old, lol, incredibly adorable. His parti markings are sort of half-tuxedo. His name is Joey, baby Joey... gotta love that poodle face!


Product Review: Toy Poodle in Rain Slicker

Toy Poodle in Rain Coat

This is a photo from months back, baby Hux in his yellow rain slicker. It covers his body, but because of his immense fluffiness, lol, it doesn't cover all his body. The fit is great though around the belly and neck, and the hood stays on partially. I got an extra small, but I probably should have gotten a small. The extra small is a little too big at the waist, but was too short for his body. Get this yellow dog slicker / rain coat here. 

Sleeping Poodle Prince

Toy poodle sleeping

Huxtable is usually my calm little sleeping prince, but sometimes he's an active "sleeper". Basically there are times when I know he's dreaming because he'll bark a little in his sleep, not big loud barks but a few small ones. Haven't seen him 'run' in his sleep yet though... now that would be a sight! lol. 

Poodle in History, Art, Painting

1700s / 1800s Poodle in History and Art

Here's a very old photo of a poodle, standing next to an even older painting of a poodle... notice it's black and white coloring. I love seeing classic photos of the original poodle. Parti poodles have quite the history, read more about it here.

Classic Elegance: A Silver and White Standard Poodle

Silver and White Standard Parti Poodle in Historically Correct Continental Clip 

I was pretty gun hoe on my next poodle being a black and white parti, the first known coloring of the poodle. But now, I'm seriously considering silver and white... they have a regal elegance about them that I simply can't resist! (I used to not like gray/ grey/ silver dogs b/c I thought they just looked old, but now I love them). Hmmm, I really thought I'd only have two dogs, but now I'm thinking three... or maybe four partis? Only time will tell. Either way, I truly love these original poodles :)

Silver White Toy Parti Poodle

I've been seeing a lot of silver and white parti poodle these days, but most are standards. This is a cute photo of a silver and white toy parti poodle named Radar. Radar is sporting are wonderful continental clip, his parti pattern markings are very similar to Huxtable's.


The Parti Boys: Famous Canine Actors

Joey and Scotty (red and white parti poodle / black and white  parti poodle)

Photos of the famous Parti Boys, professional poodle actors, trained by the famous Canine Horizons.

Check out one of their videos...

smartest poodles

Best of Breed at UKC Premier 2012: Silver White Parti Poodle

Derby, a silver and white parti poodle, won Best of Breed at UKC Premier 2012. Isn't he a beauty! He's a third generation title holder.

UAG1, UGrCh Jacknic's Color of the Steeple, jacknickennel.com/boys.html

Standard Parti Poodle Love

Standard Parti Poodles, Lorelle and Ulysses, showing a little poodle love.  Poodles aren't just affectionate to their humans, they also give kisses to each other :)


Vintage Photos: Phantom Poodle Puppies

Vintage photos of the cutest little phantom poodle puppies, they look like they belong in a Ralph Lauren ad, seriously... it can't get much cuter.

photos by: Andrea Brendemühl
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