Poodle Greetings: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Toy poodle in dog santa hat and scarf

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

- Huxtable the Poodle

A Poodle Rainbow: Poodle Colors and Patterns

My latest graphic poodle creation is one to show a little poodle unity. Black, White, Brown (Chocolate), Cafe Au Lait, Silver, Gray, Silver Beige, Apricot, Cream, Blue, and Red. In Solid, Parti, or Phantom.

You can get this print in the Hux Shop, here.

The Hux Shop: Keep Calm and Parti On

For the love of poodles everywhere-- Keep Calm and Parti On. That's the theme of Huxtable's new online store. Order a t-shirt in almost any color and style, get your favorite color "Parti On" poster, and maybe grab a mug or postcard on your way out. These would make for excellent holiday gifts, and are perfect for poodle and animal lovers of all kinds. Check out some of the styles and store options below:

Get the wall hanging in any parti poodle color, HERE. 

You can get any size and material you want from 8 x 10 to 24 x 36 (or larger). Also choose from a variety of papers, including the classic matte, semi-gloss, or even put it on a canvas!

Get the phrase on a soft, comfy American Apparel tee. There's a variety of colors ranging from cotton white to hot pink to mint green. Get this fitted 'Keep Calm' t-shirt, HERE

 We even have an option for those who love the design, but are on a budget. Get this simple 'Keep Calm and Parti On' t-shirt for only $19. HERE.

Coffee, Tea, Juice, or Water everyone drinks something everyday, so why not do it in an elegant, stylish, poodle mug? Did I mention you can customize this as well? Well yep, you sure can! See it, HERE

If you don't want a fitted look, but still want the super soft American Apparel t-shirt this is the shirt for you. A favorite and bestseller, this shirt works on all body types, plus you can choose from a plethora of colors. Get yours, HERE. 

 It's chilly outside, get your "Parti On" sweatshirt, HERE. 

Got questions? Need help customizing your Keep Calm and Parti On shirt? Just email us at huxtablethepoodle@gmail.com. 

Poodle Sculpture by Jeff Koons

Poodle, 1991. By Jeff Koons. 

Jeffery "Jeff" Koons is an American artist known for his eye-catching sculptures. Read more about him, on his website, here. 

White Poodles Gone Native

I've had this photo on my desktop for awhile, and am finally getting around to posting it. For some reason I always think "Native" when I look at this pic because the way the hair is banded is reminiscent of a native American headdress and traditional hairstyles. But of course this style is a just a protective poodle hairstyle that keeps the hair from being untangled, and promotes hair growth.

Huxtable Gone Graphic

Huxtable's "Uncle" Julian, is a graphic designer and created him a super cute "Huxtable the Poodle" poster. Check it out below:

This looks like the front of the paper shopping bag you would get from Huxtable's boutique store... if he had a boutique store *crosses fingers*, lol. 

Julian's latest venture, HangMotiv, mixes both design and inspiration by providing graphic quotes on canvases and posters. Check it out, here
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