Poodle Climbing Fence Play Pen Video

Huxtable's Great Escape

Huxtable escaped his play pen while being babysat (dogsat technically) one afternoon... after escaping several times it was caught on video (via phone)... every time he escaped he just simply laid on the bed and watched tv :-). It might be time for a bigger play pen for this toy poodle.

Btw, the play pen is Midwest Gold- Zinc Indoor/Outdoor Exercise Pet Pen. They also have it in black, but the gold matched my decor better.

poodle escaping play pen

Geared Up Poodle: Running Errands with Mom

Huxtable in his cute little doggie sweater and jacket running errands with me a few months back. Though I initially didn't want to cut his fur down, I will admit it made dressing him up in clothing much easier and more practical.  He wasn't used to a low clip so he highly preferred wearing atleast one layer of clothing, and the low clip made them look and fit more neatly. 
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