Hipster Poodle: Vintage Glasses and T-shirt

Huxtable, the hipster poodle, sporting vintage brown and clear reading glasses and a red and black American Apparel ringer t-shirt.

How a Poodle Travels: Louis Vuitton & Designer Bags Only

 Huxtable, "Traveling in a Louis bag is quite delicious"

Some days my LV Speedy doubles as a dog carrier... and with his chocolate face he blends right in-- making it even easier to carry him out and about. :)

Toy poodle in louis vuitton speedy purse

Poodle Hikes: Huxtable Conquers Arabia Mountain

A poodle in the wild

Mr. Huxtable the Poodle came along with mommy and friends as we explored Mt.Arabia. 

I dressed Huxtable in a cotton shirt just so that less of his thick fur would be exposed. He was still sporting an overgrown continental clip so I wanted to decrease or eliminate the chances of bugs or ticks attaching themselves to those vital areas of his body. And luckily it worked. He also wore a tick/flea collar while on the trail. (I only use flea/tick collars when Huxtable goes on hikes, mountain trails, etc.)

 A Good Omen: While hiking the mountain we discovered a heart shaped puddle. 

 Having a toy poodle is super awesome and extremely convenient when it comes to traveling, going to stores, even feeding and clothing, but when it comes to going on hikes I wouldn't mind a miniature or standard. Hiking with a toy poodle is fun in ways, but I found myself concerned with him being so close to the ground-- which means a step in the puddle gets more than just his feet wet and bugs can more easily latch on to certain areas. But when it comes to the question of, "can they keep up?", well that's an easy one to answer, "they sure can." They're a ball of energy that will easily outrun and out stamina the average human... I guess that's a benefit of having four legs. Plus, as many forget, poodles are retrievers and hunters by nature, it wasn't until the French got a hold of them did they become known for just being pretty lap dogs, lol. All in all poodles are a perfect blend of calm and adventurous, they know when to simmer down and when to run wild... making them great outdoor companions. But again, a miniature or standard would be a much better fit for the serious hikers and outdoorsmen, even if only just for the peace of mind in knowing you have a bigger more "sturdy" dog. 

Dapper Dog: Fancy Poodle

Toy poodle wearing a tie

Mr. Huxtable sporting a simple yet fetching getup... collar & black bow tie. He's such a dapper dog :)
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