Huxtable: Perfect Parti Poodle Puppy

With Huxie's 1st birthday in the midst I figured I'd post a few pics from his "baby days". I got him last December and it was most definitely one of the best decisions I've ever made. This little guy is my world! :-) And he brings so much joy, laughter, and comfort to family and friends... and I mean, that's what having a dog is all about, right?

I have sooooo many pics of Hux, easily thousands of pics, lol... but I've probably only posted like idk 3% of the pics I have of him. I plan to go back and post the pictures of him that I haven't yet. The photos below are from December 2011, a few days after I got him...

Vintage Parti Poodle Decor

Don't often find vintage parti poodle items. A lot of poodle chotskies/ knickknacks/ etc were created post  1900, usually circa 1950 and that was the time when solid colored poodles were most popular so they're almost always solid colored, so to have a distinctly parti-colored item is a great find.

Poodle Grooming Posters

2 poodle grooming posters, one newer, one older/vintage:;

Poodle Art History: A Favorite Poodle and Monkey

Parti-colored poodle w/ a monkey (oil on canvas). 
Black and white poodle with ticking; Early 17th century painting

Lovely old painting of a poodle in a short clip (sporting or kennel clip). Many male poodle owners like to keep their poodles cut low (in "kennel clips"), and many men obviously felt the same way centuries ago. The painting features a (favorite) poodle and monkey belonging to Thomas Osborne, the 4th Duke of Leeds.  It was painted by John Wootton. See a modern day photo of a poodle in a very short clip/cut, here.

John Wootton (1682–1764) was an English painter whose interest included battle scenes, sporting subjects, landscapes, and dogs. He is best remembered as a pioneer in the painting of sporting subjects (as was Peter Tillemans and James Seymour), and was considered the finest practitioner of his interest and the genre in his day. His paintings were highly sought after by those among the highest strata of the British society-- dukes, princes, and kings alike. George Stubbs (1724 - 1806), also an English painter, was thought to follow in his foot  steps, but focused primarily on animal paintings.  

Thomas Osborne, Duke of Leeds

Quick lesson in British rankings  (peerage rankings / nobility titles) in the United Kingdom: Duke, Marquess, Earl, Viscount, and Baron, with "Duke" being the highest title. (Baronet and Knight follow these)

Poodle Transformation: Furry to Naked

I stumbled upon photos of solid-colored chocolate poodle named Reese (aka Monkey). What attracted me to his photos was the dramatic transformation he underwent from a fully, wooly, furry poodle to a nearly hairless, and naked one. And the best thing? He looks just as good, if not better cut low. 

Before (Middle) After Poodle Cut:

Puppy Clip; Continental Clip; very low Kennel Clip
(hairless poodle, poodle with no hair, low trim cut poodle)

Check out his full  transformation below:

 He looks like a solid-colored version of the poodle in John Wootton's famous "Poodle & Monkey" painting. (featured in next posting)

photos: ; (pudlmomy), Maggie Laney; HighFaultinPoodles 

Corded Parti Poodle

Silver and White Corded Parti-colored Standard Poodle at Dog Show. 
In a corded continental clip to be exact. 

I've never seen a corded parti poodle, I would imagine most people haven't, so you can only imagine the sheer delight at finding this photo! This standard corded parti poodle was at a dog show. This photo was obviously taken earlier in the event since the poodle still has on his or her leg warmers/protectors that help preserve the cords, but I wish there was a photo of this classic colored poodle fully primped and ready for show (I'll take what I can get though, lol)

And I would love to see a current photo of this corded parti poodle to see how long his or her cords / dreads have grown. (If you happen to have a corded parti poodle, pretty please email me a photo :-) )

I found a photo of another corded parti poodle, this time with beautiful longer cords! The photo was small, so it's not as clear when enlarged, but again I'm just so elated to have found another photo. It's so interesting how the only corded parti poodle photos I'm finding are silver partis... both from different parts of the world, one American and the other French :)

French Poodle. Silver & White Poodle. Silver Parti. Corded Poodle,

Parti in the Wind.

Standard Poodles on a windy day. Red solid, Silver and White parti, and White solid in miami or bikini poodle clips / cuts.

A Lady & Her Poodle.

Vintage photo of a French lady and her French parti poodle. Circa 1840

1800s photo of a French woman and her French Poodle. Whether it's 1812 or 2012 it seems like the poodle has always been primped and adorned, lol-- see the bow in the parti poodle's hair. This looks to be either a black & white or brown & white poodle, I believe she is the latter. The French woman is thought to be holding a truffle candy in her hand, which would of course be representing the truffle hunting ability of the parti poodle. 

Photo was taken by M.H Fontes of Paris. M.H Fontes was a known 19th century Parisian photographer. The company specialized in general portraits, children portraits, portraits after death, print enlargements, and fine arts photography. The studio locations were: 51 Rue de Passy Paris and 60 Avenue de Clichy. M.H Fontes' studio also may have taught classes and had workshops for photography. 

19th century poodle 

Japanese Style: Poodle Clips & Cuts Grooming

Japanese Poodle Grooming Chart 
(Clip / Cuts Styles: The Peanut Mohican, Cupcakes, Point long-hair, Prince poodle, Barbra Streisand, The miniature Bedlington, Up ears, Shitzu face, Happy ball head, Bob Marley)

A few photos of the creative Japanese style poodle clips, cuts, and grooming...

Poodle Ponytails / Braids

Teddy Bear Poodle

Rasta Poodle

Black Poodle, White Poodle, Brown Poodle

1970s / 1980s vintage card of brown, white, and black poodle. 

Wanted to show a little solid-colored poodle love, found three nice photos of standard poodles in continental clips. I initially had these photos to use as inspiration for growing out a top knot... they all have nice "froo-froo" long poodle topknots, gotta love it! I later learned that show poodles, like the ones below, use poodle hair extensions also known as wiggies to get the huge fluffy topknots seen below. 

Parti poodle descendants. 

First American Poodle.

1856, Original American Poodle

The first American poodle, read more about poodle history here.

Toy Tuxedo Twin Poodles

Parti Poodle Tuxedo Twins, Perry & Winny 

Two darling tuxedo parti poodles, with great markings.  Winny is sporting a Scandinavian Poodle Clip. Check out more parti poodle clips, here

Rembrandt & His Poodle

Rembrandt and his poodle.

One of the most famous earlier poodle paintings is a baroque style oil painting by Rembrandt dated 1631. The painting is a self portrait of Rembrandt with a brown and white poodle The poodle is mostly brown on the right and white on the left, with a white blaze on the head and white around the muzzle. 

Parti Poodle Family at the Lake

Parti poodle family at the lake, in Belgium

The Perfect Poodle Family, complete with Dad, mom, daughter, and son... at least that's how it looks :-) Adorable photo of Belgium / European parti poodles.

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