A Lady & Her Poodle.

Vintage photo of a French lady and her French parti poodle. Circa 1840

1800s photo of a French woman and her French Poodle. Whether it's 1812 or 2012 it seems like the poodle has always been primped and adorned, lol-- see the bow in the parti poodle's hair. This looks to be either a black & white or brown & white poodle, I believe she is the latter. The French woman is thought to be holding a truffle candy in her hand, which would of course be representing the truffle hunting ability of the parti poodle. 

Photo was taken by M.H Fontes of Paris. M.H Fontes was a known 19th century Parisian photographer. The company specialized in general portraits, children portraits, portraits after death, print enlargements, and fine arts photography. The studio locations were: 51 Rue de Passy Paris and 60 Avenue de Clichy. M.H Fontes' studio also may have taught classes and had workshops for photography. 

19th century poodle 

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