Huxtable Tours the Atlanta Beltline Art

Huxtable sitting on an artsy bench

Today Huxtable decided that we needed to go out, but not just down the street to the park he wanted to have an "experience" as we walked. So I decided it'd be a good day to explore the "Art on the Beltline".

Huxtable loves Art! Check out Huxtable below posing or interacting with the different outdoor art installations along the Atlanta Beltine:

  Artist: Misao Cates, "What Ties Me To You"

An interactive work, What Ties Me To You asks the Atlanta BeltLine traveler to contemplate the connection of the individual to the greater world. What ties a person to a loved one, a community, the world around them? Travelers are encouraged to inscribe their thoughts onto a length of ribbon and tie it to the posts, thereby integrating the individual ribbon into the community wall.

 "Startle" by Leslie Tharp
This piece really highlights how small young Huxtable is, lol.

 Huxtable running from a UFO

Cash Barnes, "Take Me to Your Leader".
This is easily one of our favorites, mainly because I got an awesome photo of him above 
running from the crashed UFO. 

 Aaron Benoy, "Pseudolampyridae"
 JD Koth, "WigWam"
 David Landis, "Northern White"
 Alex Rodriguez, DMD "Whirling Wheels"
 Harry Zmijewski, "River Bend"
 Kyle Brooks, "Faces, a.k.a. Eyes and Friends or &@^%@$#&^"
 Along the way we took a break and chilled at the skate park (also on the trail)

The Beltine is basically a new above ground transit system that Atlanta is building that will run alongside all the major Atlanta neighborhoods, "Downtown, Inman Park, Old Fourth Ward, Castleberry Hills, Reynoldstown, Midtown, Grant Park, etc". They're using the train tracks from the old railroads as well as new ones to complete the task. The Atlanta Beltine will also have a walking trail that runs alongside it, that trail is pretty much completed-- joggers, walkers, bike riders, etc use it daily. To liven the trail it was decided that art could be placed throughout the trail-- creating a cultural experience for all those who walk the Atlanta Beltine. There are a few permanent collections, but most of the art changes each year.  You can learn more about it, here

(from Fall 2012)

Poodle Prince & Vintage Tufted Chair

Huxtable maxing and relaxing in a vintage tufted chair. 

An Autumn Afternoon: Poodle in the Field

Toy poodle gazing peacefully at the sky on an easy fall day.

Huxtable in a wheat colored field on a lovely Autumn afternoon. 
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