Poodle Greetings: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Toy poodle in dog santa hat and scarf

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

- Huxtable the Poodle

A Poodle Rainbow: Poodle Colors and Patterns

My latest graphic poodle creation is one to show a little poodle unity. Black, White, Brown (Chocolate), Cafe Au Lait, Silver, Gray, Silver Beige, Apricot, Cream, Blue, and Red. In Solid, Parti, or Phantom.

You can get this print in the Hux Shop, here.

The Hux Shop: Keep Calm and Parti On

For the love of poodles everywhere-- Keep Calm and Parti On. That's the theme of Huxtable's new online store. Order a t-shirt in almost any color and style, get your favorite color "Parti On" poster, and maybe grab a mug or postcard on your way out. These would make for excellent holiday gifts, and are perfect for poodle and animal lovers of all kinds. Check out some of the styles and store options below:

Get the wall hanging in any parti poodle color, HERE. 

You can get any size and material you want from 8 x 10 to 24 x 36 (or larger). Also choose from a variety of papers, including the classic matte, semi-gloss, or even put it on a canvas!

Get the phrase on a soft, comfy American Apparel tee. There's a variety of colors ranging from cotton white to hot pink to mint green. Get this fitted 'Keep Calm' t-shirt, HERE

 We even have an option for those who love the design, but are on a budget. Get this simple 'Keep Calm and Parti On' t-shirt for only $19. HERE.

Coffee, Tea, Juice, or Water everyone drinks something everyday, so why not do it in an elegant, stylish, poodle mug? Did I mention you can customize this as well? Well yep, you sure can! See it, HERE

If you don't want a fitted look, but still want the super soft American Apparel t-shirt this is the shirt for you. A favorite and bestseller, this shirt works on all body types, plus you can choose from a plethora of colors. Get yours, HERE. 

 It's chilly outside, get your "Parti On" sweatshirt, HERE. 

Got questions? Need help customizing your Keep Calm and Parti On shirt? Just email us at huxtablethepoodle@gmail.com. 

Poodle Sculpture by Jeff Koons

Poodle, 1991. By Jeff Koons. 

Jeffery "Jeff" Koons is an American artist known for his eye-catching sculptures. Read more about him, on his website, here. 

White Poodles Gone Native

I've had this photo on my desktop for awhile, and am finally getting around to posting it. For some reason I always think "Native" when I look at this pic because the way the hair is banded is reminiscent of a native American headdress and traditional hairstyles. But of course this style is a just a protective poodle hairstyle that keeps the hair from being untangled, and promotes hair growth.

Huxtable Gone Graphic

Huxtable's "Uncle" Julian, is a graphic designer and created him a super cute "Huxtable the Poodle" poster. Check it out below:

This looks like the front of the paper shopping bag you would get from Huxtable's boutique store... if he had a boutique store *crosses fingers*, lol. 

Julian's latest venture, HangMotiv, mixes both design and inspiration by providing graphic quotes on canvases and posters. Check it out, here

Poodles: Keep Calm and Parti On

I suddenly got the inspiration to create a "Keep Calm and Parti On" poodle poster/design. It came to me while creating the Parti Poodle Colors Guide. The phrase is both catchy and popular so with a word change and my own parti poodle design I was able to create a Keep Calm poster of my own. 

Background on the original Keep Calm and Carry On poster:
Keep Calm and Carry On was a poster produced by the Ministry of Information sector of United Kingdom's Government in 1939 during the beginning of the World War II / Second World War. It was intended to raise and strengthen the morale of the British public in the event of a Nazi invasion of Britain or general wartime disaster.

Keep Calm and Parti On:
Being that there has been some unjust and unnecessary controversy regarding parti poodles in the past 100 years, I figured it was not only a cute play on the original poster's meaning, but relevant as well. 

Though many of the old dog clubs, kennels, and groups are allowing Parti Poodles to compete in all events, namely conformation... there are a few who are still holding on to their, dare I say, archaically biased rules and remain stubborn. One might even say they remain pridefully steadfast in their voluntary ignorance to the history of the poodle breed. And to those people we must say-- Keep Calm and Parti On. The world isn't going to end if all clubs allow Parti Poodles to compete in conformation, in fact there will likely be more peace and unity in the poodle world. 

I've customized the posters to create one for every color Parti Poodle. These aren't just for parti poodle owners, but for all those who love poodles in general :)

You can purchase the posters -and- t-shirts for "Keep Calm and Parti On", HERE.

            Black Parti Poodle:                Chocolate/Brown Parti Poodle:

Silver Parti Poodle                                    Apricot Parti Poodle

Red Parti Poodle                                Blue Parti Poodle

Cream Parti Poodle

Two Bonus Colors:
Blue and Pink

Keep Calm and Poodle On
Keep Calm and Poodle On

Parti Poodle Colors Chart Guide

Parti Poodle Colors

Though often spoke about as a color, "parti" actually describes the pattern on a poodles (or dog's) coat. A parti poodle has a white base coat and distinct patches of solid color. The general preference is for the dog's coat to look 50% white, 50% color, but more than 50% white is fine too as long as there is still distinct patches of color. 

If a poodle has mostly a solid colored coat and only a few small patches of white, the dog is a solid that just so happens to have some white and is generally known as an abstract. If the dog is, for example, solid red with just a small/tiny section of white on it's chest that would just be a "red poodle. In that case there would be no reason to call it an "abstract" unless you were entering the dog in dog club competitions  (UKC, CKC, AKC, etc) that called for distinct division by coat colors.  The opposite is also true, if a dog is all white and only has a very small amount of color, (less than 10% depending on the placement) that poodle would either be considered "abstract" in its coat coloring, or simply a white poodle that just happens to have a little bit of color. 

Note: Because "parti" is just a pattern, when referring to parti-patterned poodles as it relates to their color it is most proper to say the color first followed by parti. For example: Black parti, opposed to black and white parti, since a poodle being parti inherently says that it has a white base coat. You can also just refer to a black parti poodle as a black and white poodle. 

Poodles in all colors are beautiful, a true lover of the breed has to especially be able to appreciate parti poodles since they are the original coloring/pattern of the poodle. Parti Poodles can come in all the colors of a solid poodle, though some colors are more common than others. Like solids, parti patterned poodles come in all sizes: toy, miniature, and standard. They are more commonly seen in toy and standard sizes. 

Poodles Color Print, get it here. 

Solid Poodle Colors: Black, White, Brown, Cafe Au Lait, Silver, Gray, Silver Beige, Apricot, Cream, Blue, and Red.

Parti Poodle Colors: (below)


Black Parti, Black & White Poodle.
 Miniature Poodles in Modern Lamb Clip.

The first known coloring of the poodle, black and white poodles are classic. They can easily be found in every size and with many types of markings (tuxedo pattern, white blaze on the head, solid colored head, with ticking, clear coats (no ticking)). Black Parti's perhaps have the strongest lineage of any other color (besides maybe Brown Partis) and are bred in more countries than any other parti poodle color. Because of their indisputable original poodle title nearly all kennel clubs worldwide allow for them to be shown in conformation, even if their other color parti patterned cousins are not. Another name for Black and White Poodles are Harlequin Poodles /  Harlekin Pudles.

Brown or Chocolate Parti, Brown & White Poodle
Poodle in a beautifully feathered/styled Kennel or Sporting Clip.

A favorite of many, the brown and white poodle is a luxurious one. Their Hershey's colored coats contrasting with milky white always seem to bring exuberant delight to those who look upon them. Brown Partis are commonly seen in history books and in old paintings, even the famous painter Rembrandt was a proud owner of brown and white poodle. Because of their great lineage, some believe they may actually be the original colored poodle. Brown Partis can also be found in a lighter coffee colored variety known as Cafe Au Lait.

Silver or Gray Parti, Silver & White Poodle
Standard Poodle in Continental Clip

Truly a thing of beauty, Silver Parti's are probably one of the most elegant colorings for poodles. Easily the third most common color for standard sized partis, you can find them trotting around championship floors winning titles at their owner's heart's desire. Like blue poodles, silver poodles are born with black fur, but overtime they lighten to silver. Though their fur is black at birth, their skin is silver which can be seen by shaving down the face. So a Silver Parti will appear to be black and white initially, but will lighten to a beautiful silver and white poodle overtime.

See more Silver Parti Poodles, here.

Apricot Parti, Apricot & White Poodle
Standard Poodle in Continental Clip

Interestingly enough, Apricot and White type colored poodles can be seen in old paintings dated centuries back. When people talked of lemon and white poodles it is thought that in today's color standard it could possibly mean apricot and white poodles. (Both are fruits and the color are closely related). Like the silvers/grays/blues spectrum of poodle colors their can be many shade changes in the coats when in the cream/apricot/red spectrum of poodle colors. For example, as a puppy an apricot poodle may have been seen as a light red, but as the puppy ages and the color clears it may actually be an apricot or in some cases a cream. Solid colored apricot poodles are a newer favorite to those seeking to buy a poodle, making the Apricot Parti a wanted favorite as well.

See more Apricot Parti Poodles, here.

Blue Parti, Blue & White Poodle. 
Standard Poodle in Historically Correct Continental Clip (HCC)

The rarest of all parti poodles, Blue Parti's command attention whenever they're spotted. Blue poodles start off with a black coat, and the blueish coloring begins to show overtime. Many times people assume they have a black poodle until a year or so passes by and they began to see slight lightning in the coat. At a young age blue puppies will likely have brown highlights showing they are a blue and not black. In fact some blues go through a brown phase between year one and two. It may take two or even three years to clear, but the final color will be that of a "dusty black" "ashy black" "dark gun metal gray" or "blue-ish black". So Blue Parti Poodles will appear to be Black Parti Poodles, but by age two or three they should be a very lovely dark gun metal gray and white.

Red Parti, Red & White Poodle
Standard Poodle in Continental Clip

Both popular and chic, Red Partis are probably one of the most wanted poodles in recent times-- especially by breeders who are working hard to perfect their red and white parti poodle lines. Their popularity is undoubtedly related to the rise in popularity of red solid poodles. Red Parti Standard poodles can be more easily found these days and aren't as rare as they were in years pass. They generally come in two shades-- dark red and white -or- light/medium red and white.

See more Red Parti Poodles, here. 

Cream Parti, Cream & White Poodle
Toy Poodle in Puppy Clip

Rarely recognizable as a parti poodle, Cream Partis usually fly under the radar. Not because they want to, but because they're harder to recognize. A white and cream poodle could easily be grouped into solid creams since creams usually have some shading and take awhile to clear. While these fluffy milk and cream poodles are slightly hard to spot they are quite gorgeous.

See more Cream Parti Poodles, here. 

Art History: Parti Poodle on a Writing Desk

"Poodle on a Writing Desk" by Jacques-Barthélemy Delamarreby. 
Oil on Canvas

Jacques-Barthélemy Delamarreby was an 18th century French artist. His works mostly consisted of animals, particularly cats and dogs. Like many artist pre 20th century artist the poodles he painted were parti colored (parti patterned), usually white and black poodles. 

18th Century / 1700s French Poodle

In similar style to the painting above, Jacques Barthelemy Delamarre completed another French Poodle Painting, "Portrait of a Wide-Eyed Poodle", pen and ink and wash on paper, reverse signed "DeLamarre".

Parti Poodle Art History / Poodle History / Dog Art

Poodle Dog Painting: A Parti Girl

Brandishing a Pink Martini and wearing a cocktail dress, "Dah-ling, where's the Parti?!"

How awesome is this parti poodle painting?! Created by self-proclaimed poodlephile artist Lucy Tyler.


Happy Thanksgiving: Poodle in the Autumn Leaves

Huxtable, the Poodle in golden brown fall leaves. 

Huxtable out for his morning walk in the park, on a windy Fall day. Pretty golden leaves around him, and his hair blowing in the wind :) Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Turkey Day!

Product Review: Pet Cleaners and Stain Removers

Product Review: Pet / Dog Stain Remover Sprays: Bissell Pet Carpet & Upholstery, OUT! PetCare Hard Surface Stain & Odor Eliminator, RugDoctor Urine Eliminator, and Woolite Pet+ Oxygen

Pet cleaners and stain removers... a MUST for any pet owner. I've tried several brands and continue to try new brands every few months. Here are a few that are on my cleaning products shelf now.

Bissell Pet Carpet & Upholstery. I was introduced to this by my sister. She has carpet in her home so this brand cleaner really appealed to her, but because I have hardwood floors I use this on my rugs.  Bissell's pet cleaner includes a scrubbing brush on top to help you get the stains more thoroughly. Foam shoots out through the middle of the brush and you scrub the stain. While I think the brush is a very handy tool, it gets a little messy and dirty as it'll pick other items in the carpet like hairs, lint, and dirt... plus the foam dries up all over the canister making it look messy. I think this pet cleaner efficiently cleans, and I like the idea of having a brush, but the design could be more comfortable and I don't like it's messy look after use. Get this stain remover, HERE.

OUT! PetCare Hard Surface Stain & Odor Eliminator. I have hardwoods so when I went to pick out pet cleaners I decided to give it a try. And I must say-- I like it very much. The smell isn't strong, and the bottle is large-- so it lasts me longer than any other pet cleaners. I use this on my hardwood floors, in the kitchen, and in the bathroom. Lately the price on this has gone up in stores, which is unappealing, but luckily you can find it pretty cheap online. Get this stain remover, HERE.

RugDoctor Urine Eliminator. I remember when I first bought this item... it was a risk. I had never heard of it and I didn't quite know how well a "green" "eco-friendly" stain remover would work, but surprisingly it worked very well. This is one of the first pet stain removers in which I actually saw the stain dissipate when the spray hit it. The bottle could be bigger, but this is definitely one of my favorite pet stain removers. Its hard to find in stores, so it's best to just get it online. Get this stain remover, HERE .

Woolite Pet + Oxygen. I initially purchased this item because of the high reviews from many people. I continue to purchase it from time to time because of its availability-- I find that more stores consistently carry some version of Woolite Pet + Oxygen than any other brand. While this pet stain remover is popular, it isn't my favorite cleaner.  Not only am I always unsure about how well it cleans, the smell is strongest  of any other cleaner. It seems to be very chemically based... it makes me sneeze and I feel like it also irritates my skin... which indirectly translates into it potentially irritating my dog. All that said, this is still one of the most popular pet stain cleaners and people seem to love it.  Get this stain remover, HERE .

Check back for more reviews later. 

Outward Hound Product Review Dog Car Seat

I just wanted to do an update on the Outward Hound Carseat for dogs. I've had it for about a year now, and I must say so far so good, easily one of my best purchases for my dog.  The dog car seat has definitely 'grown' with my little Huxtable as you can see below. Because I have a toy dog there was no need to purchase a new car seat. He prefers to sit in the front passenger seat (or my lap), but yanno "safety first" so I usually try to keep him in the back (passenger side) seat.

 Huxtable (toy poodle) at 4 months old, about 3.5 pounds, in the front seat

 Huxtable (toy poodle) at 6 months old about 4.5 pounds, in the back seat

Huxtable (toy poodle) at 1 year old, about 5.5 pounds, in the front seat

Read the Full Review on Carseats for Dogs, here

Poodle & Coco Chanel

Toy Parti Poodle, Huxtable Samoht

You fancy, huh? lol. Huxtable on the dresser next to Jacques Helleu & Chanel book and vintage syrocco figures. 

How to Wipe Clean a Dog's Paws and Face

A younger, furry Huxtable lounging on the couch

Like many pet parents I like to keep my dog fresh and clean. My toy poodle Huxtable often sleeps with me (be it on the couch or sometimes bed) and he travels with me into the homes of friends and families. I have a shoes off policy in my home for myself and visitors, to help keep my hardwood floors clean and my home environment as dirt free as possible... so of course I have to extend this policy to my pet as well. 

To combat the potential dirt that my dog can bring in I wipe his paws every time we come in from outside. I also wipe his paws every time he uses the bathrooms (goes potty). I went over this in my last post a little, Product Review: Dog Wipes vs Baby Wipes, but I will go over it in more detail in this post. 

Using a natural (hypoallergenic and fragrance free) baby wipe I wipe/clean my dog's privates, paws, and face. 

Wiping a Dogs Private and Anal Area:
Using one side of the baby wipe, I gently wipe his private, then his anal area.  Very simple and too the point. To maximize the cleanliness of these areas be sure to keep the hair around your dogs privates low and his anal area "expressed". This will keep feces and pee from sticking to the fur. Sometimes the hair on a male dog's area can grow long and pee and even semen can cause the hair in the area to stick together and get crusty, not only does this look bad it can harbor germs so be sure to very carefully trim the hairs down there. 

Wiping a Dog's Paws (Hands/Feet):
Using the same side of the wipe as above (as long as it's clean), I wipe under the nails and between the fingers/toes. Under the nails harbor the most amount of dirt, this is especially true if your dog is a digger or paws at a lot of items when outside. Keeping your dogs nails trimmed will aid in there being less dirt. Sometimes dirt can harbor between your dogs "fingers" "toes" especially if they have webbed feet like poodles. Very gently clean between your dogs paws. You can get my favorite dog nail clipper, here.

Wiping a Dog's Face (Eyes):
Using a the clean side of the wipe, I gently wipe under his eyes, being sure to get any crust-- which will be especially apparent if your dog gets tear stains. Then gently wipe pass his nose and mouth. I do that because dogs often sniff poo and pee when using the bathroom outside, but my dogs often kisses and licks me so I want to eliminate any possibility of him passing unwanted germs my way. 

Here's the general Quickie Dog Cleaning I do when coming inside from a walk: 
I pull out a baby wipe or pet wipe. Using one side of the baby wipe, I gently wipe his private, then his anal area. (The wipe is still usually very clean). I wipe under the nails and between the fingers/toes. I then flip the wipe over to the clean side, fold it over and wipe under his eyes if he has tear stains and I'll gently wipe pass his nose and mouth. This takes between 1-2 minutes for my toy poodle. I can imagine it taking maybe 5 minutes for the average big dog. 

Huxtable, as a toddler, in his harness ready to go for a walk

Benefits of Wiping/Cleaning Your Dog After Walks:
The biggest benefits of wiping you dog down after walks and when coming in from outside is the indirect act of checking his body for fleas/ticks/bugs. By always cleaning handling your dog, especially when coming in from outside who decrease the chances of a bug, like a tick, being on your dog for too long. The other obvious benefits is a cleaner more dirt free home and a better smelling dog and best friend. Another bonus benefit will be a dog with a healthier coat of hair, especially for long-haired dogs like poodles. 

Drawbacks of Wiping/Cleaning Your Dog After Walks:
I can't think of any. The only way this could be an issue is if your dog has some type of skin issue. Dogs with skin issues/skin conditions usually have to be handled in a special kind of way, they eat certain kinds of food/have strict diet requirements, so there could be some restrictions on cleaning/wiping a dog so often.

Get more information on the proper wipes to use for a dog / pet, here. 

Product Review: Pet Wipes vs Baby Wipes for Dogs

Petwipes -and- Huggies Natural Care Wipes

Petkin Petwipes-- Huxtable starting using these as a wee little pup. And I continued to buy a few more boxes during his first couple months with me. They worked well and his poodle skin and hair didn't have any sort of ill reactions to the wipes. The only downside to these are the cost at certain stores like Petsmart and Pet Supermarket. In those type stores the price would be as high as $12.99, averaging around $9.99. I always found the best deal on these in discount stores like TJ Maxx they'd be a dollar or more cheaper, more in the $4.99 - $6.99 range. View Pet Wipes for Dogs, HERE.

Huggies Natural Care Wipes-- After awhile I decided I didn't want to fish out 10 bucks for special dog wipes, or even $5 for a single box. Huxtable goes nearly everywhere with me--friends and family homes, stores, etc. He sleeps with me when I'm on the couch and sometimes when I'm in the bed (above the covers). And because of these things Huxtable is kept very clean, which includes being wiped every time after using the bathroom (unless he goes and uses it himself in the middle of the night), and when coming from outside. Therefore, I use more wipes than the average pet owner, and after some research I decided to purchase baby wipes for my little dog. After some testing of different types I settled on Huggies Natural Care. They are my favorite wipes and luckily I can buy them in bulk (600+ wipes) from Amazon or Sam's Club (which is like Costco depending on where you live) for only $20. View Natural Care Baby Wipes, HERE

Where do I use baby wipes on my dog? How do I wipe my dog down?
His entire body. Mainly his privates, paws, and face.  Get more information on how to properly clean / wipe your dog here

Wiping your dog between grooming visits

So in comparison, you can pay $10 for $100 wipes or $20 for 600 wipes. There's really no competition. I looked at the ingredients in both products and didn't find much difference except for there seemed to be less added chemicals in the baby wipes. I figure if an item is safe to use on a newborn human, from their private areas to the hair on their head, it has to be okay to use on a dog. After months of using baby wipes there has been no bad effects on Huxtable's coat or skin. If anything because he is kept clean his coat is probably better than the average dog or poodle who isn't kept as clean, not to mention he probably smells better, lol.  Poodle hair in particular thrives when kept clean and free of debris, just like human hair.  

At times I've tried buying the 99 cents/$1.00 baby wipes that are in Krogers and Walmart. I can't recall if they were store brands on just cheap brands, but either way they didn't work as well, particularly the $1.00 Kroger wipes. The scent was off and I felt like his fur just didn't look as good afterwards. 

Every pet is different. Some animals may have allergies or certain health issues and their skin may not be able to tolerate certain shampoos, foods, wipes, etc. But if your doggie has no known issues and you already use wipes, save yourself a couple of bucks and try using baby wipes. 

UPDATE 5/2/2014: I now usually use Publix brand "hand and face wipes" in the round container for Huxtable. It's inexpensive and works well. I have at times still used the $1.00 Kroger brands, but there's actually a specific Kroger brand what's about $2.00+ that I really like... they have one that emulates Huggies and another that emulates either Pampers or Luvs. I think I get the one that is like Huggies, but half the cost... its the one with the little baby boy on the front. I'll try to remember to post a pic the next time I get them. But generally speaking I stick with the Publix "Hand and Face" baby wipes, the work well, priced well, and they come in a very convenient round container. (Don't forget to recycle the plastic container after you use it).  So try different ones and see what you like best. You can also get the specific pet wipes at places like Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls for half the price. They also sell specific pet wipes at dollar tree for, $1 of course, lol. 

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