Art History: Parti Poodle on a Writing Desk

"Poodle on a Writing Desk" by Jacques-Barthélemy Delamarreby. 
Oil on Canvas

Jacques-Barthélemy Delamarreby was an 18th century French artist. His works mostly consisted of animals, particularly cats and dogs. Like many artist pre 20th century artist the poodles he painted were parti colored (parti patterned), usually white and black poodles. 

18th Century / 1700s French Poodle

In similar style to the painting above, Jacques Barthelemy Delamarre completed another French Poodle Painting, "Portrait of a Wide-Eyed Poodle", pen and ink and wash on paper, reverse signed "DeLamarre".

Parti Poodle Art History / Poodle History / Dog Art

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