Product Review: Pet Wipes vs Baby Wipes for Dogs

Petwipes -and- Huggies Natural Care Wipes

Petkin Petwipes-- Huxtable starting using these as a wee little pup. And I continued to buy a few more boxes during his first couple months with me. They worked well and his poodle skin and hair didn't have any sort of ill reactions to the wipes. The only downside to these are the cost at certain stores like Petsmart and Pet Supermarket. In those type stores the price would be as high as $12.99, averaging around $9.99. I always found the best deal on these in discount stores like TJ Maxx they'd be a dollar or more cheaper, more in the $4.99 - $6.99 range. View Pet Wipes for Dogs, HERE.

Huggies Natural Care Wipes-- After awhile I decided I didn't want to fish out 10 bucks for special dog wipes, or even $5 for a single box. Huxtable goes nearly everywhere with me--friends and family homes, stores, etc. He sleeps with me when I'm on the couch and sometimes when I'm in the bed (above the covers). And because of these things Huxtable is kept very clean, which includes being wiped every time after using the bathroom (unless he goes and uses it himself in the middle of the night), and when coming from outside. Therefore, I use more wipes than the average pet owner, and after some research I decided to purchase baby wipes for my little dog. After some testing of different types I settled on Huggies Natural Care. They are my favorite wipes and luckily I can buy them in bulk (600+ wipes) from Amazon or Sam's Club (which is like Costco depending on where you live) for only $20. View Natural Care Baby Wipes, HERE

Where do I use baby wipes on my dog? How do I wipe my dog down?
His entire body. Mainly his privates, paws, and face.  Get more information on how to properly clean / wipe your dog here

Wiping your dog between grooming visits

So in comparison, you can pay $10 for $100 wipes or $20 for 600 wipes. There's really no competition. I looked at the ingredients in both products and didn't find much difference except for there seemed to be less added chemicals in the baby wipes. I figure if an item is safe to use on a newborn human, from their private areas to the hair on their head, it has to be okay to use on a dog. After months of using baby wipes there has been no bad effects on Huxtable's coat or skin. If anything because he is kept clean his coat is probably better than the average dog or poodle who isn't kept as clean, not to mention he probably smells better, lol.  Poodle hair in particular thrives when kept clean and free of debris, just like human hair.  

At times I've tried buying the 99 cents/$1.00 baby wipes that are in Krogers and Walmart. I can't recall if they were store brands on just cheap brands, but either way they didn't work as well, particularly the $1.00 Kroger wipes. The scent was off and I felt like his fur just didn't look as good afterwards. 

Every pet is different. Some animals may have allergies or certain health issues and their skin may not be able to tolerate certain shampoos, foods, wipes, etc. But if your doggie has no known issues and you already use wipes, save yourself a couple of bucks and try using baby wipes. 

UPDATE 5/2/2014: I now usually use Publix brand "hand and face wipes" in the round container for Huxtable. It's inexpensive and works well. I have at times still used the $1.00 Kroger brands, but there's actually a specific Kroger brand what's about $2.00+ that I really like... they have one that emulates Huggies and another that emulates either Pampers or Luvs. I think I get the one that is like Huggies, but half the cost... its the one with the little baby boy on the front. I'll try to remember to post a pic the next time I get them. But generally speaking I stick with the Publix "Hand and Face" baby wipes, the work well, priced well, and they come in a very convenient round container. (Don't forget to recycle the plastic container after you use it).  So try different ones and see what you like best. You can also get the specific pet wipes at places like Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls for half the price. They also sell specific pet wipes at dollar tree for, $1 of course, lol. 

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  1. Thank you.
    I recently adopted a Beagle and well, if you're familiar with hounds any, they like to sniff everything and follow a scent anywhere. I've been keeping him generally clean, but wanted to use baby wipes on his bottom, but was not sure if it'd be ok. I may give them a go else where on his body to see if they work for him, I was looking for something to wipe him down in between baths. Thanks! :)


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