Hunting Parti: Water Retriever Poodle

Lacy doesn't mind getting a little dirty.. she's a hunting poodle. 

In old-school poodle style, Lacy, a patchy blue/gray parti poodle, goes retrieving. She went to the water and brought home dinner, lol... She's one of the first standard poodles in history known to earn an AKC Hunting Title.

UKC CH Kitsue's Something To Celebrate JH,

Toy Parti Poodle: The Queen's Guard, Huxtable

Huxtable, the Queen's Guard Dog

Friends always ask me to send them pics of my dog because they get a kick out of, "how fly and cool he is", lol.  I sent a few pics to one friend the other night and he said Huxtable looked like one of the Queen's Guards... and yanno what? He sure does, lol.... only thing he's missing is the red coat.


A Perfect Silver Parti Poodle

The photo is unfortunately blurry, but isn't this one of the loveliest silver / gray parti poodle's you've ever seen. Her name is Arielle.


Dapper Parti: Miniature Tuxedo Poodle

Jackson, a miniature tuxedo poodle

Miniature poodles are the least common of poodle sizes, most people opt for toy or standard (according to statistics). So a parti miniature poodle is not common to see. I found this lovely photo of handsome tuxedo parti poodle named Jackson. He's probably one of the best looking Tuxedo Poodles I've seen-- wonderful stature and markings. Notice how it looks like he's wearing a jacket with a white shirt :) So cute!

A tuxedo poodle is one whose coat mimics that of a tuxedo. It is technically a type of parti poodle since they have a white base coat and are usually 50% white 50% color.  The upper coat is solid: head, back -and- the lower coat is white: neck, chest, abdomen, and legs.

photo: JACKSON (UCH Benet Cowboy Jackson),

Puppy Love: Parti Poodle Kisses

This is probably one of the cutest photos ever-- two black and white parti toy poodle puppies giving each other kisses. Loooooove it!


Parti & Blue: Miniature Poodle in Creative Groom


Ran across this awesome photo of a miniature parti poodle, in a miami clip, with blue leg warmers, lol.

I've thought about dying Huxtable at some point just for fun, but figured it may look "too different" on the traditional coloring of a parti, but this photo proves me wrong. It looks really cute in a punk rock type way! The key I suppose would be to maybe only dye the bracelets/puffs, which is probably the best place to dye even on an all white poodle. 

The miniature poodle in the picture is named Todd, he's a black and white parti from the UK, with the cutest ticking. (I just noticed there's also blue dye on his tail, which is undocked). 

Todd in poodle puppy clip (or lamb clip)

Standard Parti Poodle in Continental Clip

Blue and White (or gray and white) Standard Poodle

 I was looking for info on growing out a top knot and stumbled upon this lovely photo of a standard poodle in a continental clip / cut. They call this the HCC-- "Historically Correct Continental". Maybe they call it that when it's on parti's since they're the historically correct color for poodles... lol, I kid I kid... I love poodles in every color :) I suppose they call it that in the "grooming" world because others have created their own new age versions of the continental, idk, I just call it the continental... 

photo:, I believe the poodle's name is Tinlet, a champion show poodle, and was bred by Gloria Ogdahl

Huxtable the Poodle, Posing & Sleeping

Photobucket Hux had a mini impromptu photoshoot the other day... I was bored, he looked handsome lounging around, and the camera was nearby so I snapped a few pics of my little boo, lol... more pics to come...

Photobucket  Here's him sleeping later, after mommy's not so good attempt at banding his topknot  :/ (more info and pics of that later too, lol)

Parti Poodles: Modern or Lamb Clip

Photobucket Beautiful black parti poodles in either a lamb or modern clip / cut.  Miniature poodles.

I can't wait to have several parti poodles too!

Standard Brown and White Parti Poodle & Friend

I love love love a good photo of a parti poodle-- toy, miniature, or standard. When I randomly stumble upon them I try my best to save them to my desktop. Below is one of the photos I stumbled upon, I wish I could remember where I found it, but I do know the name of the lovely poodle on the left is Dodger. He's a  brown and white standard parti poodle... and of course his black (or silver or blue) poodle friend is cute too :)

I love his curly chocolate top knot, and I love the amber eyes, and the parti colored nails (remind's me of Huxtable's), and of course those lips... I swear poodles are the most human like of all dogs. 

Shoe Crazy Poodle

toy parti poodle laying next to a couple pairs of my velvet slippers

Huxtable has taken a liking to shoes over the past few months. He doesn't play with them or bite them or eat them, he just likes to smell them and lay next to them. I think he figures if he lays next to a pair that I had on he'll go with me whenever I leave... so smart ;)

Poodle Candids: Huxtable with Toy and Lounging Around

vintage like shots of Huxtable...
Huxtable and one of his favorite toys, Mr. Rabbit. I like to get him very classic type dog toys (matches my decor plus he's a boy). Many of his stuffed ones are by American Classics. He tore open the mallard, but the rabbit, fox, and pheasant are holding up pretty well. You can check out more of the American Classic dog toys, here.

  PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket
Much of his girth is just fur, seemingly 5 lbs of it, lol. 

Poodle Swag: Camouflage & Braves Fitted


Huxtable, Toy Parti Poodle

Here's Huxtable  few month's back on his way to the park. I stylishly geared him up in a camouflage dog harness and classic Brave's hat for dogs. It was a hit at the park, and all the little poodle and pomeranian girls gave him attention, lol... but seriously, they did :)

Get the Look:
Puppia Soft Dog Harness
- Dog Hats

Poodle Play: Fluffy in the Sun

Here's Hux pre summer cut bouncing around in the grass.

Photobucket Toy parti poodle puppy fluffy coat playing in grass
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