Dapper Parti: Miniature Tuxedo Poodle

Jackson, a miniature tuxedo poodle

Miniature poodles are the least common of poodle sizes, most people opt for toy or standard (according to statistics). So a parti miniature poodle is not common to see. I found this lovely photo of handsome tuxedo parti poodle named Jackson. He's probably one of the best looking Tuxedo Poodles I've seen-- wonderful stature and markings. Notice how it looks like he's wearing a jacket with a white shirt :) So cute!

A tuxedo poodle is one whose coat mimics that of a tuxedo. It is technically a type of parti poodle since they have a white base coat and are usually 50% white 50% color.  The upper coat is solid: head, back -and- the lower coat is white: neck, chest, abdomen, and legs.

photo: JACKSON (UCH Benet Cowboy Jackson), benetminiaturepoodles.com/

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