Parti & Blue: Miniature Poodle in Creative Groom


Ran across this awesome photo of a miniature parti poodle, in a miami clip, with blue leg warmers, lol.

I've thought about dying Huxtable at some point just for fun, but figured it may look "too different" on the traditional coloring of a parti, but this photo proves me wrong. It looks really cute in a punk rock type way! The key I suppose would be to maybe only dye the bracelets/puffs, which is probably the best place to dye even on an all white poodle. 

The miniature poodle in the picture is named Todd, he's a black and white parti from the UK, with the cutest ticking. (I just noticed there's also blue dye on his tail, which is undocked). 

Todd in poodle puppy clip (or lamb clip)

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  1. This is my baby thank you for putting him on here these pics where taken when he was young he's nearly 4 now


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