Cream and White Standard Parti Poodle

Look at this beauty. I'm really starting to crush on Cream Parti Poodles. Their coats just look so creamy and milky and they look like a beauty of a dog to have. Their pattern is so subtle, but that just adds to their style and charm. I would love to see one in a continental clip. 

I wish I could remember where I found this photo, but I can't, but I think I bookmarked it so I will update when I figure it out

Happy Birthday HUXTABLE the Poodle

Huxtable, toy parti poodle, turns 2 years old. 

I can't believe how time flies, well, yea I can, but you know what I mean, lol... Huxie is already 2 years old! So he's still a young pup, but he's definitely finding his voice. He used to never bark, now he's asserted himself my personal body guard, lol. 

Let's see, what else has changed in the last year of having this adorable toy poodle...

- He went through his coat change. I used to be able to skip some brushes, then brush him out before going to the groomer and everything would be fine and he could get any clip/cut of my choosing. Well, earlier this year I tried that method and the groomer had to cut him down. His fur grew back, but again we had to cut off a lot of fur (this time I actually wanted the clip though). So his puppy fur is pretty much gone, and now if I want him to sport the longer continental clips or saddle clips I'll definitely have to brush him daily and take extra good care of his coat because it's thicker and coarser (which is technically a good thing for poodles because it makes it easier to style them however you want)

- He's gotten more assertive. As I mentioned earlier he has definitely found his voice. Now it's just a matter of training him when to and not to bark. At first I really liked it since he wasn't much of a barker to begin with, but now he's doing it a little more than I would like so I'm finally trying to reign it in. But he's still really amazing about it because he's as quiet as a church mouse and very chill when I bring him into stores no matter the surrounding. He also doesn't bark when we're at events, I'm thinking he may just sense the need to be calm. 

- He communicates even more and makes new sounds. Sometimes the things that come out this dog's mouth amazes me, in a curious type of way. When he was a baby/toddler he pretty much signified his wants or needs by different barks and whines-- he had 3 main ones. Now, well, he has a whole host of sounds... different barks, different moans, different whines, and this very curious speech like thing he does from time to time especially if I'm about to go in the store really quick and leave him in the car (windows down of course, in the shade, and close to the front of the store).

If I think of anymore changes I'll add them, but those are the main ones for now.

So What Is Huxtable's Human Age?

In the past people said 1 year equals 7 human years for all dogs, but we now know that's not entirely true. It's sort of different for each breed to some extent, but it's definitely different for each size dogs. For a big dog 7 years, medium dog 5-6 years, and small dog 4 years. Which makes waaay more sense, especially in the case of toy poodles who live to be 20 years old or older (usually 18 at the youngest).

So for Huxtable at two years old, he's still in the young child phase at 8 years old, by the old standard he'd be 14 which is still young, but 8 or even 10 just seems more fitting especially in regards to his personality and changes. 

How Was This Year's Dog Party?

This year we didn't have the fully decorated dog party that we did last year, but he got plenty of toys treats and love and had a few photoshoots :-). I'll post more photos later.

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