The Sailor: Sable Poodle Out To Sea

 Neptune the Poodle. Appropriately named for his love of the sea.

This standard poodle (spoo), Neptune, is gorgeous! His sable coloring really is a thing of beauty. Cream all over with the brown and black ears. And he of course looks even more gorgeous aboard his boat.

Neptune the Sailor

Sable colored dogs are generally a mix of brown, black, and cream/white/apricot/blondeish type color. There are darker sables and lighter sables. Two of the most recognizably sable colored dogs are Collies (like Lassie) and German Shepherds

A sable poodle isn't common, but can occur depending on the colors in the dogs lineage. Their color usually looks to be brindle/sable as a puppy then clears a lot once they get older, as seen below. 

Neptune as a puppy, a sable puppy poodle

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