Outward Hound Product Review Dog Car Seat

I just wanted to do an update on the Outward Hound Carseat for dogs. I've had it for about a year now, and I must say so far so good, easily one of my best purchases for my dog.  The dog car seat has definitely 'grown' with my little Huxtable as you can see below. Because I have a toy dog there was no need to purchase a new car seat. He prefers to sit in the front passenger seat (or my lap), but yanno "safety first" so I usually try to keep him in the back (passenger side) seat.

 Huxtable (toy poodle) at 4 months old, about 3.5 pounds, in the front seat

 Huxtable (toy poodle) at 6 months old about 4.5 pounds, in the back seat

Huxtable (toy poodle) at 1 year old, about 5.5 pounds, in the front seat

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