Corded Parti Poodle

Silver and White Corded Parti-colored Standard Poodle at Dog Show. 
In a corded continental clip to be exact. 

I've never seen a corded parti poodle, I would imagine most people haven't, so you can only imagine the sheer delight at finding this photo! This standard corded parti poodle was at a dog show. This photo was obviously taken earlier in the event since the poodle still has on his or her leg warmers/protectors that help preserve the cords, but I wish there was a photo of this classic colored poodle fully primped and ready for show (I'll take what I can get though, lol)

And I would love to see a current photo of this corded parti poodle to see how long his or her cords / dreads have grown. (If you happen to have a corded parti poodle, pretty please email me a photo :-) )

I found a photo of another corded parti poodle, this time with beautiful longer cords! The photo was small, so it's not as clear when enlarged, but again I'm just so elated to have found another photo. It's so interesting how the only corded parti poodle photos I'm finding are silver partis... both from different parts of the world, one American and the other French :)

French Poodle. Silver & White Poodle. Silver Parti. Corded Poodle,

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