Poodle Transformation: Furry to Naked

I stumbled upon photos of solid-colored chocolate poodle named Reese (aka Monkey). What attracted me to his photos was the dramatic transformation he underwent from a fully, wooly, furry poodle to a nearly hairless, and naked one. And the best thing? He looks just as good, if not better cut low. 

Before (Middle) After Poodle Cut:

Puppy Clip; Continental Clip; very low Kennel Clip
(hairless poodle, poodle with no hair, low trim cut poodle)

Check out his full  transformation below:

 He looks like a solid-colored version of the poodle in John Wootton's famous "Poodle & Monkey" painting. (featured in next posting)

photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/7520941@N04/4442118620/in/set-72157624712800566/ ; (pudlmomy), Maggie Laney; HighFaultinPoodles 

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