Poodle Tales: "I Don't Do Hard Surfaces"

One of the greatest things about having a poodle is the sheer intellect and human like behaviors they display. I read about it a lot before, but to experience it is something different. 

Huxtable has always shown to be a very picky, slightly pompous, but yet playful and loving type of dog. And one of the first ways he showed this was his dislike for walking on non-soft surfaces. My apartment has hardwood floors with rugs spread about. And the only place he would sit or stand was on soft surfaces. If I put him down on the hardwood he would run to the  nearest carpet. 

Well on one of his first weeks of being in his new home, I placed his crate in a different part of my apartment, a section he hadn't been before. I opened his crate to allow him to come out and told him to "come here", but he hesitated... He was unsure of the area and saw the hardwood floors. So, first he leaned his head out of the crate and sniffed the floor.... he started to lift one leg to walk out then he backed up. Then he did the funniest thing... he goes into his crate and gets his little red stuffed dog friend and pushes him out onto the floor, he observes the stuffed animal for a bit and sees that he's okay. Then he steps on him to get out, then places him back into the crate.... hilarious! I couldn't believe what I had just witnessed. Moments like that make me want to have a flip cam on him at all times. Is this a poodle thing, a parti poodle thing, or do other dogs have such smarts at just 3 months of age?!

Nevertheless Huxtable "doesn't do hard surfaces" if he can help it anyway lol, and it's funny to watch the strategic ways he'll go about making sure he is always standing on a soft surface. 

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