Dancing Dogs: Poodles by John Wootton

1759. England. Oil on Canvas. Brown and White Parti Poodles

"The Dancing Dogs"  John Wootton (1682-1764) "Lusette, Madore, Rosette, and Mouche". White and fawn particoloured standard poodles. I love how Wootton used the dog's names in the painting, which personalizes and humanizes the painting even more. Also it looks like no matter the century or year, 1759 or 2012, poodle owners can't resist having more than one poodle, lol. 

Learn more about John Wootton and see another of his poodle paintings, here. 

Dancing Dogs: 'Lusette', 'Madore', 'Rosette' and 'Moucheby' John Wootton (Snitterfield c.1682 – London 1765). Location: Wallington House, Northumberland, England

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