Red and White Parti Poodles

Red and White Parti Standard Poodle

Red Poodles in general are seen as one of the newest colors in the poodle world, and because of it's newness they are also very popular and trendy especially in places like China and Japan. Red Poodles are in the same color family (gene pool wise) as Apricot Poodles and Cream Poodles. The red coloring generally comes in 3 shades-- light, medium, and dark. Because the coat color tends to fade with age many people want dark reds in hopes that it will stay dark or only fade to a medium red. 

Red Parti Poodles are just as new as Solid Reds in terms of people breeding them on a more consistent basis. There are reddish and white poodles seen in old paintings, but the color of the fur is often described as fawn or lemon and white which is more associated with Apricot Parti Poodles

Red Parti Poodles are becoming more and more popular with breeding programs being designed to specifically create superior Red Partis. Red and White Poodles are usually only seen in standard size.

3 colors (shades) of Red Poodles: light, medium, dark aka 
Light Red, Red, Dark Irish Setter Red

Red, Apricot, Cream Poodle Hair

Shades of Human Red Hair on Barbies: Strawberry Blonde to Deep Auburn Red

Because there are potentially many shades of red it is easiest to compare them to actual human red heads. There's a fine line between blonde hair and red hair at times, but you kinda know it when you see it. "Strawberry Blondes" are usually the line, when a person has blonde/red type hair coloring. There are many poodles that are apricot, but with a reddish tinge so they are more often than not grouped with Red. The true deciding factor between reds and apricots is the amount of brown in the coat oppose to blonde or cream. Like it's solid counterparts, Red Parti Poodles also come in many shades of red. There are generally two main colors of red partis: Dark Red and White, Light/Medium Red and White. 

 Red and White Parti Poodle in Puppy Clip

Red Parti Poodle Puppy

 Red Standard Parti Poodle in Continental Clip

Skye, a Red Tuxedo Parti Poodle

 Red and White Standard Poodle
 Red and White Part Poodle in a modified clip. Looks to be a Town and Country clip that has now grown out. 

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