My New Poodle: Baby's First Day Home

little baby Huxtable on his first day home

I was in pretty high anticipation when making the final journey to pick him up, so my mom came with. He rode back in my lap, quiet as a mouse.

When I got to my place, one of my sisters had just gotten there and another was on her way.... we were just so excited! There's no nieces and nephews yet, so he's sorta the closet thing.


I had already ordered a bulk of things online, but they hadn't arrived yet. My vintage dog carrier (soon to be his 'dog house' was on its way, so I only had what he was sent with  (plastic dog kennel, sample food, papers) and handful of things I just so happened to buy a bit earlier (toy, puppy/small flea collar, dog brush). So my sister and mom make a quick run to the pet supermarket down the street and to publix and picked up a small collar and leash, small package of wee wee pads, and I think that's it. I just needed the basics to get by until my huge package of dog supplies arrived. I should have ordered everything earlier so I could have been 100% ready for my dog's first day home.

He really does have all the markings of a perfect parti poodle. Chocolate and white in all the right places, amber eyes, liver colored nose and lips, just adorable.

He explored just a little bit, but was mainly very shy on his first day-- typical puppy behavior. Our first night was okay, he barked  for a little bit when is his cage, but after ignoring him for about 3-4 minutes he stopped. His original owner warned me that he might have a little bit of separation anxiety from his sister, who he slept with every night. But all in all a good first day :)

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