Why I Chose My New Poodle Puppy

Huxtable, Toy Parti Poodle

This is a simple blog dedicated to my new little baby Huxtable Bastian Bixby Samoht. (That's right you read it correctly, lol.) I've been wanting to add a little furry kid into my life for awhile, and a couple months ago I felt the time was right and so my "find a puppy" journey began. (btw: He is my first live-in pet, we had many different dogs all while growing up but they were outside dogs for outside play and protection, not inside dogs). 

My sister has a yorkie-poo (yorkshire terrier and poodle mix) and we had been discussing what the right type of dog would be for me for awhile.  There were a few things I knew I HAD to have-- he needed to be small (I live in an apartment), he needed to not shed, and he needed to be smart... I can't deal with slow/stubborn dog at this point in my life, lol ;). Well, she used an iphone app to narrow down the choices, and there were a nice handful to choose from. But it took little time for me to realize that a poodle was exactly what I wanted-- they come in a great variety of colors and sizes, they don't shed, and they're one of the smartest dogs in the world... always listed as 1, 2, or 3 depending on whose list you're looking at. Oh, and of course I wanted a male dog. Why? Well because most of my human best friends are male, so why not have my pet best friend be a little guy too. Plus I had also read that boy dogs can actually be more loyal than girl dogs, although many people think the opposite (thanks to television shows like Lassie).

Once I picked the breed, I then needed to pick a color. Well, a friend of mines adopted a dog for his mom, a little brown Chihuahua. Super cute and a very pretty color... it wasn't a normal brown, so I had to google it and realized that its color was "red". And thinking back on it, years ago I had fallen in love with red pitbulls as well. Now some people have the dusty rose light colored red that are nearly apricot, but I wanted a dark and rich in color red-- the color of a brown teddy bear or the color of a red headed person's hair. So I decided to set my sights on the perfect mahogany red toy poodle. Besides red, chocolate was also a color I was interested in, but moreso for a girl, I was a bit more partial to red for a boy. Essentially red, chocolate/brown, and dark apricot were all colors I initially saw fitting my lifestyle and apartment decor very well, lol... sounds funny, but I'm a creative/design/fashion type and I can't help but to think like that :-)

Of course my searches started on pet adoption and humane websites, but they seemed to be filled with mostly white poodles, and the occasional silver, black, or apricot. And the bulk of them, well, all of them, were adults. So then I looked on websites and classifieds, and as I scrolled every once in a while I would see these poodles called "parti poodles". They intrigued me at first sight. So of course I googled it. I read up on them just a bit and learned that were not being recognized by certain registries, and that were discriminated against in the poodle world. So that made me think twice, I thought to myself, "I want to have an official poodle, not something that isn't recognized."

dark red toy poodle; (http://www.flickr.com/photos/juanitamarchesani)

I soon went to go visit my first prospective poodle. He was a light red/apricot with white boots and a little white on his fur. I initially wanted a solid, but my sister and I had discussed dogs having 'character' and their own unique look so I became much more open to dogs that weren't just solid. A solid color dog can be sort of boring in ways... Although I didn't get that dog, seeing him got me thinking about the partis again. My sister made mention of the President's dog Bo, then I thought about TV dogs and realized that most of them are usually more than one color. So at that point I not only had partis on the brain, but tuxedos poodles, and phantom colored poodles. 

Still being uncertain about getting a parti colored poodle, I did more research. And the deeper I looked the more attached I became to their story and to their originality. I found old photos of parti poodles from the 1700s and 1800s. And in that time period a poodle was known to be both black and white or brown and white... it was the standard and norm, a "parti" poodle was what people thought of when they thought poodle. In the first official  United Stated of America dog book "The Poodle" page displayed a drawing of a parti poodle near the water. And the more I read the more intrigued I became. I like classic things, I like to have the original, I like vintage and authentic in most areas of my life and it seemed like the truth of the matter was that the parti poodle was the original poodle.

1700s Poodle Painting

Nevertheless, I had semi fallen in love with a solid tiny toy dark red poodle I saw online, he was so cute. And I almost sent the deposit, but my sister felt like he could have been a puppy mill dog. Not only is red a popular poodle color that entices many puppy mill breeders, but she had checked out the breeder and  felt like they had too many types of dogs. And the photos they posted and sent were kind of blurry. Not to mention they lived in Nebraska-- one of the most notorious puppy mill states. Then when I google mapped their location it was literally in nowhere land Nebraska (with tons of space for puppy milling). There was also no website. And not that a website is a must, but when you're willing to ship puppies I think it would be best to have a website so that we can see the living condition of the dogs. OR atleast have several Very clear photos, which they didn't.... this all left me in limbo. 

I then found an adorable chocolate and white parti poodle that looked to have an amazing genetic background. He was fully AKC registered and the mom and dad were house pets of the owners. His complete AKC lineage was on the website and dated back many many generations. His dad's side came from nothing but top tier poodle breeders. Honestly his initial picture was not the best, but the few sent afterwards were quite cute (despite his little tears). So now I was officially torn: red? parti? red? parti? I was banging my head trying to decide.... then I read up more on parti poodles.

 I learned that not only were they the original poodle, but that for some reason around the early 1900s people decided that they didn't want the poodle to have two colors, but one-- and they began to breed for color. So when their partis created solids they kept those to continue to breed, but then they would kill the partis, they were literally killing every parti poodle that was born. They killed them because they did not want to risk them being mated again. Essentially people were exterminating them, vigorously working to only have solid colored poodles.  And that is the story that made it official for me, I was going to own a parti colored poodle.

This is the parti poodle photo that heavily persuaded me to choose chocolate and white parti over solid red. Isn't this poodle so amazingly attractive, well groomed, and classic?! (http://dominopoodles.com/)

sidebar: The fact that parti colored poodles have clearly been around for as long as the poodle has, there are pictures and paintings of them all throughout history, but somehow dog registries don't let them participate in all events/conformations/etc is crazy! They'll let a yellow/apricot, silver, grey, blue, red participate-- all colors that are obviously not original colors, but they won't let a parti (atleast the black and white -and- brown and white)?! It's discrimination at it's greatest, and to me it's just so interesting how mankind's discrimination and hate shows up everywhere...  lol, honestly it's kind of hilarious because it's sort of like animal racism, lol.. sounds weird, but that's actually what it is. Parti poodles are the original poodles, or at the very least they have been around long before any color outside of white, black, and chocolate, but yet they can't participate in conformation <--- so bogus. 

But enough of that topic, the point is their story is what sold me, and I knew my little canine boy would have a pampered great stylish life so I figured why not get a parti to show the haters and naysayers how great and gorgeous they are. So all of that coupled with the fact that a brown and white dog just looks so classic and preppy made me 100% on getting him. I could more clearly see him lounging around my place than any other color, there's just such a richness about a chocolate and white poodle. And the bonuses were that partis were known to be a little smarter, more even-tempered, and sociable than other colors. 

So finally on December 19th I picked up my little chocolate and white parti toy poodle. He was perfect in every way, and SO FLUFFY! lol.

This blog is simply about him-- documenting his growth, happenings, and life. Everyone who meets little baby Huxtable LOVES him and literally asks to babysit, hold him, send photos, they all want to know if/when I plan to breed so they can have their own (I have no plans to btw), and because of ALL of that, lol, I decided to make a blog that my friends and family can go to and check on their canine nephew/grandson/godson/etc. And of course why not share my experiences and photos with other poodle and dog lovers.  

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