Parti Poodle in Cuts and Clips: Lamb, European Puppy, English Saddle

This southern sun is starting to beam down pretty hard. So, as a good poodle parent I know I have to start thinking about summer cuts for my toy poodle pup.

A low puppy clip is the cut that first comes to mind, and I know if I want to show him it is usually the required cut for puppies 12 months and under. That said, I really wanted to try something different and more poodle-like so after some brainstorming and searching I narrowed it down to a few:

- European puppy clip
- Miami Cut
- Continental
- English Saddle

After showing pics to some of the family, everyone slightly preferred the Miami, since it would take off the most hair all over, but still give him a poodle look. I used the following photos for inspiration...

Miami Cut

European Puppy Cut on Toy Poodle

Scandinavian Puppy Clip (aka European Puppy Cut)

English Saddle on Toy Poodle. 

 Continental Cut (2 more photos of continental below)

(images above from various sources)

And of course I had to find some parti poodle cut inspiration. Luckily I stumbled upon K9Style and her standard parti poodle, Tripp. She's cut him into different poodle clips-- European puppy clip, English Saddle, etc. He's not a toy so I couldn't tell how Huxtable would end up looking exactly, but it gave me an idea of how different clips would look on the traditional coloring and pattern of a parti poodle. 

I initially thought this was a shorter lamb cut (parti poodle), but after getting a similar cut for Huxtable I can much more clearly see that this is a model / town & country clip-- cut all the way down in the middle, with hair left on the arms and legs.  I just believe they are harder to notice on parti poodles

European / Scandinavian Puppy Clip (parti poodle). 

English Saddle Cut (parti poodle). 

Isn't the front cut to perfection? I would have loved to see his top knot out in front. Also, Tripp doesn't have his tail docked that's why the back isn't in a ball. 

After much deliberation and back and forth I decided to go with a "modified continental". I'll explain more in the next post.

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