Toy Parti Poodle Continental Miami Cut

Toy Parti Poodle Continental Miami Cut. 

So as stated in the last post, it's time to get a summer cut. I narrowed it down to a few: European puppy clip, miami cut, continental, and english saddle. After a lot of thought I decided to combine the Continental and Miami clip to create a clip I'll call a, "Modified Continental" or the "Miami Continental".

I wanted him to be cool so having his fur low was priority, but I didn't want to loose his fluffiness and I wanted to try something a bit more traditional. I decided to combine the two and had the groomer do a "Miami Continental". His fur is cut low like the Miami, but not shaved down to the skin like the Continental, he has the front fur of the Continental, but doesn't have the two balls on his back, so it's more like the Miami.

Before and After:

Fluffy fury, parti poodle Huxtable

 Miami Continental, toy parti poodle

I want to grow out Huxtable's top knot, so I told the groomer not to cut his top knot. I think (I know, lol) he may have slightly ignored my request and shaped it a bit... which could be better, but I really wish he wouldn't have touched it.  But still all in all he did a pretty good job on a my little baby :-)

Sidenote: This was taken a good bit after the actual grooming, after he went to the park, and some roughhousing/play, etc...  might even have been a day later... next time I'll be sure to take one immediately after the groom.

More Photos of Huxtable's new summer poodle cut in next post. 

Check out Huxtable's MUCH better Continental Clip, here.

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