A Touch of Masculine: Bow ties for Huxtable

 Huxtable, the Poodle in his blue & white chevron dog bow-tie

Let's face it, poodles are pretty... no matter how you slice it. And the more groomed you keep them, especially if you keep any part of their hair long, well, the prettier they're going to look. So to combat the "awww, she's so pretty" comments I get from time to time I decided to always keep my little guy bow-tied up. To be honest, I find that most people just tend to call your dog the sex of their own. I for one am quicker to say "he" than "she" because I have a he. Others ask and even look. But their are those who see those long pretty ears, that banded top knot, and big pretty amber brown eyes and can't resist telling me, "how beautiful and pretty she is", lol... so for them (and for me) (and for him) I keep little dog bow ties for Huxtable. 

When I first got Huxtable, dog bow ties were unreasonably expensive. I would look for hours to finally find a nice patterned one for less than $25. Now you can easily find adorable ones for less than that, some even $5-$7. I tend to get most of them from one of my favorite online stores-- etsy.com. 

My little dapper poodle, sitting in his car seat tentatively waiting for dad on a rainy Sunday morning.

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