Poodles in Home Decor

Poodles will always be in trend ;-)

In my last post I discussed my ceramic poodle HomeGoods find. I am redecorating one of my rooms and will be using poodles as accents. The ones I purchased really are perfect, hmm... I might even paint them to match Huxtable's parti poodle markings

Animals in general have always been used to add style to a room when it comes to interior decorating. Over the past few years we have all seen the ever so popular deer heads, antlers, and many of the wild and gorgeous African animals (gazelles, antelope, rhinos, etc) being used in every type of decor style you can think of. More recently, many designers, like Jonathan Adler, and people of the posh stylish and dog-loving variety have been using solid colored ceramic dog figurines to add a pop of whimsy or character to a room.  You can see a few examples below: 

Huxtable's Pinterest Page is filled with more examples, check out some of his boards below:

Dog paintings are a tradition that date back to the beginning of time, but dog figurines have had their rightful place in art history as well. Nearly all of old Hollywood owned a poodle and many many MANY poodle figurines were made of both the American and foreign variety. I think there will continue to be a gradual resurgence of dog figurines for home decor over the next decade or so. But instead of the heavy multi-colored pieces of the 50s, they will be modern yet classic-chic monochrome pieces.... like the poodle pair I was so lucky to find. 

Sidenote: When dog/pet figures first re-hit the interior style seen a few years ago in 2010 they were on a large scale and were moreso floor pieces or quite frankly statues. Now they're becoming smaller which are perfect for bookcases, dressers, and/or console decor. 

Want the look? Get poodle pieces for your home decor below:
1.) White Ceramic Poodle Comes in Two Sizes, 18 inches ($44), here.  -and- 13 inches ($29), here. 
2.) Urban Trends Antique White Poodle ($53), here
3.) White/Black Poodle Lamps ($225), here
4.) Abigail Ahern Poodle Lamp (£195.00), here. 

Take it a Step Further: Purchase a can of spray paint to personalize one of the above ceramic poodles to match your space. I plan to either leave mine as is, paint parts of it brown to match Huxtable, or spray paint them yellow, gold, or silver to add a pop of color to my decor. Rustoluem is one of the more popular spray paint brands that gets high reviews, you can check out a wide selection of their spray paint colors as well as get low pricing and free shipping, HERE.  

Check out the Metallics (copper, brass, silver, and gold), HERE.

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