Outdoor Poodle Decor: Topiary, Statues, Door Knockers, and Planters

Two years ago I made plans to get topiary for my balcony. You know the attractive, classy swirly ones that are pretty expensive but add a hint of fanciness to your entrance. Well, during my search  I also ran across outdoor animal topiary and purchased two mini ones. Funny enough, the wind blew them both away, lol, and since then I've considered getting two matching poodle topiary figures to "guard" the door. 

Topiary might not be your thing, but you can still add some poodle to your curb appeal by styling your outdoors / yard with one of the items below:

1. Poodle Door Knocker, Brass

2. Poodle Topiary Filled with Sphagnum Moss

3. Poodle Garden Statue (Cast Stone)

4. Poodle Planter, Black or White

5. Poodle Dog Knocker, Bronze

6. Outdoor Poodle Statue, Stone

If you want a moss filled wire-framed poodle that gives your garden the added touch of having poodle topiary  check out one of the below:

1. 17inch Poodle Moss, $82.99, Here.  (same items can also be purchased from their sister site, Garden.com, which usually has more sales, Here.)

2. 17inch Poodle Frame (no moss), $75.95, w/ lights $77.95 , w/ moss 84.95, Here.

The 32 inch standard poodles w/moss  from both websites are about $200. You can use the same links above. The 32 inch really make a statement because of the size.

If you want more of a continental clip in the topiary, 18inch w/ moss, $119.95, Here. 


mesh wire frame for topiary; miniature moss poodle topiary

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