TJ Maxx HomeGoods Happy: Poodle Decor & Dog Accessory Finds

I've been redecorating my front room area-- I went from a classic/traditional ivy/preppy native-inspired type den to a softer luxe peachy feminine oasis. Parts of the room are finished and all the main pieces are there (sofa, tables, chairs, large rug, etc), but I'm still in the process of switching out the accessories and adding those last touches.  With my last decor style my bookcases were filled with items like-- vintage trophy, basketball, great grand father's first camera, vintage college paraphernalia, etc. But now with my more airy, soft and feminine decor I have to switch it up. One of the things I knew I wanted to put on my bookcase were poodles. I was able to order a bronze vintage poodle from online, and I found a ceramic one that matched perfectly, but it broke in the mail :-(. So I've been on the lookout for items to stylishly fill my shelves ever since. 

Well on a recent trip to HomeGoods some of my prayers were answered. I went in search for pillows, but ended up with 2, technically 3 good unexpected finds.  Next to the pillow aisle was a pet aisle. Not only was it filled with bowls and beds, but also a few handsome in-trend pet decor items. As my eyes glanced up and down the shelves I spotted not one, but two matching white ceramic poodles! They sat their poised and ready for the taking! I honestly felt like they would perhaps be too tall for my bookcase, but I couldn't pass them up. I also ended up finding a purse dog carrier, something I rarely ever see in Ross or TJ Maxx. It looked just like a regular purse and was the exact color of the purse I was wearing so I knew it was meant for me. 

Huxtable is in the bag above, he fits perfectly

Long story short-- I went in for pillows to match my new sofa and came out with two ceramic poodles and a stylish cognac colored bag for Huxtable. Did I mention Huxtable was in the store with me too? Well, he was and I'm thinking he might have been my good luck charm. As usual he caught the attention of many, and I had about five 5-minute conversations that took what should have been a 30 minute shopping trip to an hour... but it was okay especially because of our great finds.

Like the commercial, I certainly walked away HomeGoods Happy :-)

Two more posts about the items above to follow.

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