American Apparel Dog Clothes: Hoodies and Shirts for Pets

Huxtable, the hipster poodle 

I lucked up and got a Groupon for American Apparel. I believe it was $20 for $40 worth of items or something of the like. When I saw the deal I immediately purchased it because I had been eyeing a few of their dog items for Huxtable. 

Ater searching American Apparel's website, seeing the instock and out of stock items, I finally decided to purchase 2 hoodies and 2 shirts.

 The Package

The Goods 

- Gray American Apparel Dog Hoodie
- Navy American Apparel Dog Hoodie
- Navy Blue and Red American Apparel Dog Jersey/ Raglan/ Baseball Tee
- Black and Red American Apparel Ringer/ Rib T-shirt
The Rockstar Dog


Huxtable's Review: I love my american apparel clothes, they're so comfy! I love to snuggle up in my hoodie during cold fall and winter days. 

Huxtable's Mom Review: My little poodle has alot of dog clothing, and the pet clothing from American Apparel are amongst my favorite. The material for both hoodies and shirts are very soft, they fit well, easy to put on, and they are great basics that easily coordinate with a dog's wardrobe, lol. But best of all, Huxtable seems to really like AA jackets and tees. He'll curl up tight sometimes in a ball, then cock his head forward to put the hoodie up... poodles, lol, they're so smart.

Size: Huxtable was about 6lbs pounds in the photos above, he's about 7lbs now. While toy poodles usually wear smalls, I decided to get him a medium so that he would be comfortable fur and all. They fit perfectly! Poodles are slim, but they have long bodies so it's important to compensate for that by maybe going up one size, especially if they are very fluffy and furry.

When fur filled and wearing a continental clip, AA pet size medium fit best. After Huxtable got his short clip, a small would have definitely worked better. So make the decision based off the predominate clip/cut your pooch sports. 

You can get your dog American Apparel Pet Clothing, Here -or- Here. 

"Mom said she put my hair like this too keep it out my face and to keep my ears  from being chewed on while I ate my bone, but I hope she stops because it's embarrassing"... 


  1. These pictures of Huxtable are just too good.
    I love dog hoodies! I just got one for my border collie.

  2. Thanks Jess. Feel free to send me goodies from your site and mom and I can review! woof!


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